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, but decisive win over republican rival mitt romney. here is with a look how he did it. dan henninger, and jason riley and washington columnist kim strassel. start with you, when you get a defeat like this, there's no one thing necessarily that explains it. but why don't you pick out your most important? >> look, i think there were two things key to the obama victory, one was that very ol on, they ran this very high dollar attack campaign against mitt romney, a bit of a character assassination throughout the summer and mitt romney didn't respond to it and he didn't recover from it. when you combine that with the president's brutally efficient, we now know turnout operation in core states like ohio, virginia and florida, popular vote pretty close in the end. in the end he got out the partisans in much the same numbers in 2008 and that's what won it for him. >> paul: so, kim, you're saying that's about 100 million dollars or more that the obama campaign poured on mitt romney on bain capital on his tax returns on the fact that he's a pluto kratt, and making him to be gordon gecko without the social
no to mitt romney this week, but they said oh, no, no, no, no to republican senate candidates. it was just a catastrophe from north dakota to florida and everywhere in between. who was to blame for that? that is not an esoteric matter. there is a named person in charge of making sure republicans win senate seats. there was somebody who was in charge of that. for every election. and that specific person in this election obviously failed catastrophically. that specific person is named john cornyn. today the republican party appears ready to respond to his atrocious failure at this job this week. by giving mr. cornyn a promotion. he's getting a reward for nearly shooting the moon in the senate. for doing as bad as humanly possible. at the last job the republican party gave him. the republican party moving forward, apparently would like him to be the number two republican in the whole senate right behind mitch mcconnell. and that is calling failing up. which is amazing on its own terms. in terms of republicans in the senate. i think we also should wonder if that is instructive for how the repu
said no to mitt romney, but they so no, no, no republican senate candidates. it was a catastrophe. who was to blame for that? there is a named person in charge of making sure republicans win senate seats. there's somebody in charge of that. and that specific person in this election obviously failed cat strofically. that person is john cornyn. today the republican party appears ready to respond to his atrocious failure at this job this week. by giving mr. cornyn a promotion. he's getting a reward for nearly shooting the moon in the senate. for doing as abomination of desolation as humanly possible at the last job the republican party gave him. the republican party moving forward, would like him to be the number two republican behind mitch mcconnell. that's called failing up, which is amazing on its own terms. but we should also wonder if that's instructive for how the republican party is going to deal with the overall question of who their leader is and what they stand for. "the washington post" reporting today that the republican party is going to undertake an internal review of what w
to "hardball." the republicans soul searching well under way after mitt romney's tuesday night. the democratic gains in the senate and house while the republicans are facing the reality of moving further and further away from the right wing ideology. if the republican party wants to survive, then the party that questions evolution is going to have to evolve and quickly. but will they double down on the message just by romney from the guy losing because he was flawed. steve, the republican from cleveland. and david author of e-book published by "news day" called "why romney lost." wow, that's one-day stuff. you always come out of the diagnosis postmortems by basically having an opportunity express your philosophy you had going in and said this proves me right. but did this election seem to be going in the wrong direction tuesday night as far as you were looking at it? did you know there was a problem? >> well, i knew there was a problem. in in the month of august, the president said 42 states don't matter. we're going to concentrate on eight states, ohio being one of them. and we're going to de
started running these ads on mitt romney, we had a republican primary. the talk about venture capitalism. who talked about people trying to paper over their record at bain capital? was that david axelrod? no. >> mark? >> yes, is there a question? >> no. >> i will respond to it and say when you win, you define the victory. that is the role of american politics. ronald reagan won a lowly landslide with no mandate in 1984. was it morning in america? there was a bear in the woods. walter mondale -- and he won 49 states. that is when tax reform became the centerpiece of his administration. >> ok, let's dig into the election. >> whether i have earned your vote or not, i have listened to you, i have learned from you, and you have made me a better president. >> at a time like this, we cannot risk partisan bickering. our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the citizens work. and we citizens also have to rise to the occasion. >> an extremely gracious concession speech by gov. romney. romney lost the state where he was governor, the state where he votes, mass., some pundits have egg all ov
any republicans who don't have their heads on. mitt romney did extremely well among whites as you said. he won whites by a landslide yet he still lost the election. we not only lost hispanics by a larger proportion than john mccain, 71-27. we lost agents by 73% to 27%. bob dole won, a lot of people don't remember that but we are in a position now where we have got to, through differences in policies, differences in tone and differences and candidates, reach out in a way that we have never reached out before we will not be successful in the national party. >> is it possible if significantly improved up public performance with minority of voters without changing the party on immigration? >> no, it's not. it's not the most important issue among hispanics. the economy is the most important issue among hispanics but positions on immigration and more importantly toned on immigration sends a tremendous message to hispanics. to borrow a phrase from my friend todd harris, harsh tones about hispanics are like smoke. you know it's going to kill you but you do it anyway. the time is come for repub
and momentum? >> it should be a tough week. the published polls that the mitt romney campaign and republican establishment were trashing day after day turned out to be accurate and all of the polls for the republican establishment, i know house candidates who lost were shocked. senate republicans supposed to gain and they lost and before you criticize the romney campaign. mitt romney ran ahead of everyone of those republicans that lost. it is it a bad for establishment polster and something they should be held accountable for. you have to tell your clients the truth and be accurate and miss so many states and be off. your fox viewers should be outraged. day in and out they were told romney would win. hope hoe and pennsylvania and was never up. iowa and new hampshire state after state were never up. published polls were correct and nate silver was correct and republican establishment polls were wrong. >> lock at the polls you have done. they were revealing. can you take us through those and give us a sense. >> first of all republicans, most interested in helping, you have a on lot of category
the beginning was incredibly weak. >> absolutely. >> but i saw republicans, once romney got the nomination, partisans gatheri around him and saying, oh, the mormon issue isn't going to matter. and it did matter. there are evangelicals who see mormons as a sect and not christian, and they did stay home. so my question is, in reforming the party, will republicans say to themselves, hey, wait a minute, we goofed up by not getting somebody more conservative and somebody christian who would appeal to evangelical christians. could they read the results that way? >> the right to life and the sanctity of marriage will always be a pt of the platform. >> always. how smart is that? >> the mormon religion did play a role, but also, mitt romney flip-flopped on same-sex marriage, they perceived that and also the abortion issue. so evangelicals can -- >> i think the republican party has become overly dependent on its evangelicals, and the real question is do they have anybody to replace them with. once they begin to appeal more broadly as these are mostly older people, as these people pass, you really wi
if you get over 40% of fairfax county. romney got 39%. in the exurbs where republicans have done so well up until they have had to face obama twice obamain loudoun county, 25 miles outside of washington, d.c., obama got 52%. he got 57% in prince william county. republican governors, the governor who was elected bob mcdonnell in 2009, one of those areas. mitt romney and john mccain did very poorly. the suburbs is a place where republicans are going to have to do better. host: you have used the word turn out. is the democratic turnout operation simply better than the republican operation? guest: i think you had it right. it is the obama turn out. host: does that go away? republicans guest: can hope so. i am sure the democratic party has figured out, we have to repeat this. we have seen what the obama camping can do. we are going to do it again. republicans, they had a republicans, they had a much better effort by the party. i had a turnout party by conservative groups that made millions of calls. it did not produce what they hoped it would. they got a lot of voters out, but obviously not e
with romney on dollars and cents. the majority of americans fall in that category, and, look, republicans are horrible when it comes to civil liberty, and they are not so good on dollars and cents. democrats are horrible on dollars and cents and not so good on civil libertie the majority of americans, as a member of the majorityf the americans, we do care about these issues. offering up a prediction. we're going to find ourselves with a heightened police state in the country. we're going to find ourselves continuing to militarily intervene in other countries' affair resulting in more enemies than fewer, and the spending is unsustainable and will continue to be so. john: on that bit of bad, but probably true news. gary, stick around. the auence wants to question you, and after that, some pockets of good news this election. [applause] [applause] john: we're back with gary johnson. this show, special correspondent kennedy, spent election night with president obama and his fans, and a real expert individual freedom, the cato institute, david bowes. >> i'm zach from florida, and i was curious
they would buy, but in the end they lost. >> here's what i would say it turns out that mitt romney and the republicans were not lying when they said that they faced $1 billion onslaught from barack obama. they did face $1 billion onslaught from abraham. one way they kept it competitive was super pacs and outside spending. every was looking for the wave of outside spending to swamp obama. what really happened was that romney needed the wave of outside spending just to draw even with obama. when you look at the advertising stats what you see is because of the deployment of money obama had more ads on the air than romney for most of the election. >> eliot: if you look at both sides an presume that the money came from a centralized limit the people on the republican side but the amount of money spent. if you cut the money in half would it have changed anything, do you think? or was it close to zero because people after they had seen the ad 10 times, 12 times it doesn't matter. >> that's a great question. i'm a guy who covers money in politics. it's easy to break down money but the trut
by the same amount the romney did. so, this is a clear long-term democratic problem for the republican party. the country is coming more diverse. the country is aging. this is going to present some challenges for the republican party. optimistic that they can find a way to reach those voters, but they need to get about it and get about it now. >> since your leaving early, i want to ask, you did not mention the issue is framed in the christian conservative community. can you talk about foreign policy or gay individuals and how the conservative christian community is looking at those issues? >> we are still looking at a post-election survey that we commissioned, that we got this morning about 5:00 a.m., but the preliminary evidence is pretty consistent with what i have seen throughout my career. there is a tendency to caricature and stigmatize voters of devout faith and suggest that they live in trailer parks and are poor and uneducated and easy to command. they cling to their guns and religion and vote on gay marriage and abortion. not true. if you look at the evangelicals who voted yesterday
that was changed as a result of the republican primary. what mitt romney, in my opinion, didn't do was go out and vigorously defend the beliefs that he said he espoused. and when you're going on the defense, which i believe is what the republicans were doing generally throughout this campaign, you're not going to win. if anybody is an extremist on this issue, it's president obama who voted for santicide. defending human life, if that's extreme, guilty. i want to defend all human life, and i will do so, but when the president says you can kill a baby after it's born, that's extremism, and that's what mitt romney and others should have made as the catse, and we did not. >> there is a battle in the heart and soul of the public now with people determined to find a new path to victory in 2016. from what you're saying, you think the candidate presumably should be more conservative than mitt romney was. >> well, i ran for president, you know, last year or this year, i guess, with the idea that we should make this election about what it really is, which is big issues. barack obama said that he wants
and republican audiences, romney and obama audiences, the big applause line in the last few weeks of the campaign was when there was talk of bipartisanship an compromise. and any politician in washington, i don't care how right wing they are, who doesn't get that is not going to be around for very much longer. >> okay. well, i'm glad you will be around for awhile as always. thank you very much, jonathan alter. we'll see you again. >>> stick around for this. breaking news for all of you. nbc is now able to make a call for the presidential election in the state of florida and project president barack obama as the winner there. since tuesday florida had three counties still counting absentee ballots. their deadline was noon today. once again, nbc news is now projecting barack obama as the winner in florida. and that brings the total electoral college for the president to 332 while mitt romney finishes the elections with 206. >>> we'll be right back here on "weekends with alex witt." stay with us. if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x t
barack obama's campaign was bombarding them with these messages and mitt romney. >> jon: microtargeting. like facebook and that kind of thing. >> if you think the media are all powerful, how do you explain the republican victories in the past several election cycles. ronald reagan tea party and the rest. the nation is changing, it is younger and less white. first thing the republicans ought to do is get rid of "o" in g.o.p., grand old party. they need an infusion of young and hispanic and black leaders. every time the republicans put one up, condoleezza rice or clarence thomas or whoever, nikki haley, they are being bashed as anti-women they have to keep trying. >> romney lost by two points. you spent decades at "new york times" which is most powerful news single entity. how do you see the political coverage of the "new york times"? >> i think there is no doubt most of reporters at the "new york times" lean democratic. there were reporters when george bush that were republican but the same reporters. i don't think you win because the "new york times" endorses you or doesn't endorse you.
battle in which romney spent all this money dispatching his republican foes left him really exposed headed into the late spring and early summer months and that this spending gave him cover to recoup his losses to raise money to be able to go toe to toe with barack obama. that never really happened. he never really was able to compete on a level playing field, but what these groups say is is that it would have been a whole lot worse had it not been for them. >> maybe it would have been worse if they hadn't spent so much money. trying to make up for all the dumping somebody took on you. t romney and his allies spent $1.2 billion. the president and his allies spent $1 billion. this is a lot of money to say bad things about people. >> what was interesting is one of the effects intended on all this gop fund raising and spending is that it really awakened the democratic funding machine, the big money machine. let's not forget president obama really made a key part of his political identity. this idea that he was opposed to outside money, really as a whole in politics. they saw all this m
have shown they won't tolerate dysfunction. republicans are picking up the pieces after mitt romney's loss, more worried than ever about reaching beyond their white political base. >>> and after passage of a historic ballot measure, how soon will they be able to smoke marijuana legally just for fun? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room". >>> president obama says his re-election proves that americans want action on the economy, not just politics as usual: just days after his victory, he's laying out a framework for compromise with the republicans to avoid $600 billion in automatic spending cuts and tax hikes in the next year. he says he's open to new ideas, but he warns the federal government can't cut its way to prosperity. >> if we're serious about reducing the deficit, we have to combine spending cuts with revenue. and that means asking the wealthest americans to pay a little more in taxes. that's how we did it -- that's how we did it in the 1990s when bill clinton was president. that's how we
the republicans. guest: well, you know, in terms of the lack of love, i wouldn't say that it's specifically romney. i would say people are fed up with the republican party. that's one of the reasons the tea party movement was born, because it was frustration and anger with both parties, but especially the republican party. and so, if there's anything we've heard over the past several days since tuesday, it's that people are tired of the moderate stance of the republican party and, you know, they want true change. they want true fiscal conservatives. and so i think probably that had some impact on it. host: we're talking with amy kremer, chairman of the tea party express, about the tea party and its future, also the future. republican party moving forward. and we want to get you all involved in the conversations. the number is 202-585-3880 for democrats. 202-585-3881 for republicans. independents, 202-585-3882. if you're calling outside the u.s., 585-3883. you can also reach us via social media on twitter, facebook, or even send us an email. our first call for amy kremer comes from shelly in alabam
. he got 50% of the vote. romney took 49.1% of the vote. clearly, florida remains a battleground state. the question is, why did this take so long? part of the fact is that early voting was cut back by the republican governor rick scott. if you take a look at the newspaper here, this is the tampa bay times headlines. it says, no apology from scott. he went on to say, what i'm trying to do is improve the way government works. i believe in efficiency. i believe every vote has to count. i want to have a good process that people feel good about. well, the people are not feeling good because in many cases they felt that the governor made the decision to push back the number of days from 14 to 8, meaning that there were fewer days for early voting, meaning that people couldn't get to the polls ahead of the official election day and so it backed them all up on actual election day. some people were still in line at midnight. the secretary of state here in florida said that they are attempting to work to improve this system. here's what he told cnn. >> i can say that it was a learning experienc
nights. >>> mitt romney's loss on tuesday stunned the republican party, especially its white, conservative base. now, critical swing states, ohio, virginia, possibly florida were expected to put romney over the top. well, they didn't. my guest this morning calls romney's defeat the gopocalypse. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> you describe tuesday night's loss as gop-ocalypse and you watched this from qatar. >> it was amazing how invested the rest of the world really is and how our election really works. everyone was informed. when the final results came through and i'm standing in a room with qataris and standing in a room with people new zealands and kind of like a slow clap. thank god. there was a level of relief almost. it wasn't so much enthusiasm about obama, as much a real concern that america would vote for mitt romney. it was amazing. >> we know the results now, we are still waiting for florida. you call this the gop-ocalypse. it seems extreme to say it is the death of the american party. what is dying, what is the catastrophic end that you're talking about
, the republicans will not be a majority party, he says. >>> also mitt romney wasn't this week's biggest loser. how about karl rove? i'll say it again, karl rove. not only did he spend millions of other people's money with little gain, his tv performance tuesday night made him the poster child for the republican party's refusal to be part of reality people. >>> plus, inside the two campaigns, how the obama campaign reacted to that disastrous first debate and why as late as tuesday night the romney people thought they had this thing won. we've got reporters from both sides, a lot of tick tock and narrative tonight. >>> and the shocker of the day, cia chief david petraeus resigns he says because of an extramarital affair. we'll try to get to the bottom of that water cooler story tonight. this is "hardball," the place for politics. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- we
a republican idea. >> so the president bought into an idea he had ran against. now this time everybody on the democrat side, the progressive side, said you can't go this romney direction, keep the lower rates but get rid of this -- some big fat deductions. now the president is being given an opening by boehner saying there is a way we can compromise. keep that 35% for the top rate, but take away all the fat cat deductions. there may not be enough money there. people in that institute -- >> the tax policy center. >> is there enough opportunity for that kind of direction, take away a lot of deductions for state and local, for example, taxation which you have to pay anyway. you can have your formal 35%, but you're going to pay a lot more taxes. >> i think at the end of the day, right now the white house is going to stand by, we want the top rate to go back to 39.6%. that's their opening position. we want it to start with people at 250 and above. they're going to stand by that now. going into negotiations the principle they need to protect is the wealthiest pay more. americans don't care e
back, wounding him.... he later died of a hospital. >> there was a dead a mitt romney t shirt outside of the republican campaign office manhattan beach police say the pig carcass was wearing a blue mitt romney t-shirt with barbwire are run its head around its head. the statue of liberty is let back up again after the hurricane devastation. >>catherine: now, in national world news new pentagon details to show the the first u.s. military unit a ride in libya more than 14 years after the attack of the consulate in benghazi was over. four americans were killed, including ambassador christopher stephens. a defense departments of the lack of response time was mostly because the long distance command teams had to travel to get in libya. the time and also shows the defense secretary, leon panetta and his top military adviser were not notified of the attack until nearly an hour after it began. also, the 14 year-old is recovering. who was targeted by the taliban. she was nearly killed in the taliban shooting attack. she is recovering in a british hospital >> some chromattake a look at t
the recent election is that you can't win on the national level if you are an established republican candidate, that involves romney and also going back to the mccain campaign. what we need are individuals with a strong message of conservative values that are able to communicate that message so the people can understand that it's individuals and want government, free market is the way it succeed in this country. we need really core have the who is can deliver that message. i think rubio can carry florida and relate to hispanics. i think he has a strong conservative base for himself. >> well, if you look at sort of folk who is were not on the national ticket this time, not marco rubio at this point, think about the other people that you see, john, up and coming. it seems to me that the debate about where the party's going is largely going to be settled by the folks like those we have now in the house and senate, as well as some of the terrific governors. >> right, on the off chance that marco rubio doesn't run, susana martinez being step in. there is kelley ion the -- kelley aiot of n
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 102 (some duplicates have been removed)